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Wallbox: The Key to Convenient and Efficient Home Charging

With a wallbox and the use of your own solar power, you have the possibility to charge your electric car independently from external power sources. With our energy manager Heartbeat, you can optimise the charging times of your electric car, for example by charging it at times with surplus solar power or favorable electricity prices.


4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with a Wallbox

1. Affordable Charging with a Solar System

With your solar power system, you can charge your electric car with low-cost solar power. At the same time, you increase your own consumption and shorten the payback period of your solar system. The more solar power you consume, the cheaper it is.

2. Increased Convenience

Prices at the petrol station fluctuate hourly. By using an electric car in combination with your own wallbox, you are independent of petrol stations, oil companies and OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) governments.

If you already own an electric car or are expecting one, your own wallbox allows you to start the day fully charged every day. This means you are independent of waiting times and expensive electricity prices at public charging stations.

3. Fast Charging

Wallboxes charge your electric vehicle much faster than a regular household outlet. You can choose between 11 kW and 22 kW. The charging time is approx. 2-8 hours. If you were to charge your electric car via the household socket with 2.3 kW, the charging process would take between 12 and 24 hours.

4. Secure Charging

They are designed with safety in mind, with features such as automatic shut off, overvoltage protection, and other safety features to ensure a safe charging experience.

Step 1

We advise you personally.

Our energy advisors will create an individual offer based on your data. We will explain everything about subsidies, energy management and your individual energy solution.

Step 2

We install your solar power system & wallbox.

If you are satisfied with the planning of your wallbox, we will arrange an installation date after conclusion of the contract, at which time our team will install and commission everything on your premises.

Step 3

We stay by your side.

Even after installation, we remain your long-term partner. Whether you have questions about energy, warranty issues or service, we want to be your contact for the expansion of your energy system with a heat pump or wallbox.


Join the 1KOMMA5° movement

Take the lead in climate protection - hear from our customers on how they are making a difference.

We decided to go solar for several reasons: for ecological reasons, for political reasons, to be more independent and to please our children.
Zilian Family
I already knew the Göttingen location before it became part of the 1KOMMA5° Group. The team from Göttingen then informed and advised us, so that we decided on a solar system from 1KOMMA5°.
Sybille Fichte
I heard about 1KOMMA5° through a neighbour and in fact another neighbour has now also opted for 1KOMMA5° as a result of the installation at my house.
Dr. Josef Frasunek
We wanted to become more independent. Also from the electricity market. We asked various suppliers and 1KOMMA5° was able to deliver the fastest.
Mecke Family
That was an investment in the future! I want to produce free electricity on my own roof.
Guido Kahlmeyer
I would recommend my friends to think about environmental protection: What can I do personally? For example, buy a photovoltaic system. That way I'm doing something for the environment.
Wolfgang Krien

Why 1KOMMA5° is Your Perfect Match for Carbon-Neutral Technologies

The 1KOMMA5° Group is an up-and-coming company for the installation of carbon-neutral energy systems for private customers, especially for solar power systems, heat pumps, energy storage, wallboxes and smart energy management - and we continue to grow, also in Europe and worldwide. Get your own quote today!

All-In-One Service

Advice, planning, installation, service & electricity contract - we are at your disposal for a smooth process.

No Long Waiting Times

Our efficient processes and dedicated employees keep waiting times short for customers to benefit from solar energy.


Transform your home into a virtual power plant with our energy manager Heartbeat. Connect to a worldwide network and save money. Secure with up to 25 years of warranty.

75 Locations

The 1KOMMA5° Group operates in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and Australia, with plans to expand locations nationally and across Europe.

2.000 Climate Experts

Our teams provide expert advice and project implementation for customers to develop the ideal energy system.

100.000 Happy Clients

Our teams' expertise and years of experience have allowed us to install many systems and optimise processes for a secure future.

Energymanager Heartbeat App on an iPad

Connect your Wallbox with the New Energy Market

Our smart energy manager Heartbeat optimises electricity consumption in homes, saving up to 10%. With intelligent procurement and real-time tracking through the Heartbeat app, save up to 700€ with the Heartbeat Bundle.

Energy Solutions

Our Solutions for Your Carbon-Neutral Life

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Energy Storage

Take control of your energy independency

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solar systems

Unlock the power of the sun and reduce your energy costs

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Heat Pump

Carbon-neutral heating for your home


Secure Your Wallbox now & charge Your Electric Car at Home

We look forward to your project. With our nationwide network of electricians, you can quickly get to work. Together we will develop your plan for carbon neutrality in your home.

FAQ Wallbox

Any Questions?

What are the benefits of having a Wallbox at home?

Wallboxes offer faster and more convenient charging, increased charging efficiency, improved safety, cost savings, and increased convenience compared to charging through a regular household outlet.

They are also designed with safety in mind, with features such as automatic shut off, overvoltage protection, and other safety features to ensure a safe charging experience.

Can I charge my electric vehicle overnight with a Wallbox?

Yes, you can charge your electric vehicle overnight with a Wallbox. This allows you to start each day with a fully charged vehicle, making it more convenient for daily use.

Can I use a Wallbox with a solar system?

Yes, you can use a Wallbox in combination with a solar system to generate your own renewable energy to power your electric vehicle, reducing your dependence on the traditional grid and increasing your energy independence.