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11kW Solar System in Sydney: Key Facts and Figures 2024

The combination of historically low solar costs and attractive government subsidies is leading to a rise in the adoption of 11kW systems in Sydney homes. Examining key numbers such as the pricing, efficiency, returns, and top brands suitable to an 11kW solar system is essential.
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11kW Solar System - The Price

As Australia switched to a more sustainable energy source, solar power systems became affordable for homeowners. The government support families to achieve a solar-powered home by offering a rebate. The rebate amount varies in different states. But, if you want to invest in a larger system such as 11kW, the larger your rebate will be.

You might find budget-friendly options in the market for your dream 11kW solar system. But we discourage you from purchasing cheap solar panels if you are eyeing a long-term investment. These solar panels can be low quality and not have good after-sales support.

The price of a reliable 11kW solar system with a standard installation is now less than $9,500. This system includes high-quality components like SolarEdge inverters and best-value Trina Panels.

An 11kW solar system can save you over $4,000 on electricity bills per year. However, to see significant savings, like $1,000 per quarter, you'll need to use a lot of power during the day, around 65 kWh in the summer.

By making the most of an 11kW solar system, spending about $14,500 can get you a top-quality setup. As a result, you could see a return on your investment in as little as 4 years.

11kW Solar System - The Output

A north-facing solar panel system in Sydney can produce an average of 44kWh of power daily with more power in summer and less in winter. But with innovative technologies and best practices, your system can generate more.

Enphase systems, for example, can typically deliver 10% more power than 44kWh. You could see over 60kWh on a sunny summer day.

However, that output could be a lot if it exceeds your daily needs. How can we make the most of it?

  1. We recommend splitting the panels across two directions. This distributes power generation throughout the day, ensuring you have power when you need it most.

  2. Consider adding battery storage. Solar battery such as Tesla Powerwall 2 allows you to save excess solar power during the day and use it in the evenings or during blackouts.

10KW LG EN Glenhaven
11kW Solar System Output

11kW Solar System - The Key Numbers

11kW System
Number of Panels25 x 440W Panels
Output43 kWh a day average (see below)
Potential Savings$800 – $1100 a bill depending on your cost of power
Average Payback Period3 to 5 years
CostFrom around $9,290 to around $14,590
Suited toMedium to large homes using on average around 44 kWh a day during the daytime (or over 24 hours with battery storage)

11kW Solar System - The Potential Savings

The amount of money you save with an 11kW solar system depends on how much of the solar power you use at home when it's generated. Usually, you'll save about 22 to 30 cents for each unit of solar power you use, depending on how much you normally pay for electricity.

Also, your electricity provider might pay you around 5 to 13 cents for each unit of extra solar power you send back to the grid. So, with an 11kW solar system, you could save around $800 to $1100 on your quarterly bill.

More information is available here: How Solar Power Reduces Your Power Bill

11kW Solar System - The Number of Panels

Larger solar systems like an 11kW solar system require a lot of solar panels to reach your energy goal. To address this, we recommend using highly efficient solar panels.

High-efficiency panels generate more power per square foot. This means, that for an 11kW system, we can use just 33 high-efficiency 335W panels instead of the standard 42 bulkier 275W panels. That frees up valuable roof space.

Moreover, quality panels are built to last, giving you peace of mind and maximising your return on investment over the system's lifespan.

Our Recommendations: 11kW Microinverter System

Over 80% of our designs incorporate Enphase's microinverter technology for maximum performance even in events of partial shading.

This innovation of inverters offers real-time monitoring of individual panel performance. It provides valuable insights into system efficiency and identifies potential issues promptly.

The advantage of microinverters aside from maximising your system efficiency is to improve safety and reliability. They mitigate the impact of single-point failures.

In contrast to string inverters, where a failing panel can disrupt the entire array, microinverters confine the effects of any malfunction to the individual panel. It results in minimising downtime and optimising system uptime.

To learn more about the potential of microinverters, you can explore this resource of 10 key benefits of microinverter systems.

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